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Who Attended the Reunion?

Here's a list of who has registered so far....

 Remember when? (Click for larger image)
Remember when? (Click for larger image)
  • Doris Schober Moody and Eddy Moody
  • Joyce Hankins Beard
  • Kathy Cruce Youngblood and Randy Youngblood
  • Jon Young
  • Dr. John Hill
  • Dawn and Glenn Cooper
  • Brenda Earnest and Barry Nichols
  • Vicki Mitchell Garrard
  • Donna Mason Jennings
  • Julia Wilson Bass and David Bass
  • Sherry Woods Moore
  • Teri Gugliotta Gafford and Michael Gafford
  • Claudia Ingram Harris
  • Francine Lewis
  • Teresa Johnson Brown
  • Danny and Carol Kay Johnson
  • Wanda Jones Leopard and Robbie Leopard
  • Patricia McKinney Marshall and Tony Clark
  • Don Byrd and Patsy
  • Donna Hubbert Martin and Darry
  • Mike Cantrell
  • Vicki Bills Higgins
  • Cathy Carter Sanderson and Craig
  • Tonya Godfrey Loggins and Terry
  • Pete Hill and Denise
  • John Wooten
  • Shirley Schmuck
  • Beverly Fadlevich Fairweather
  • Sharon Holmes Sparks and Mike
  • Lee Masters and Jean
  • Jimmy McDonald and Gina
  • Guy Moore
  • Pat Panter Weston and Max
  • Bruce Patterson and Sandy
  • Thomas Swindle and Leigh
  • Rick Harris
  • Carol Kemp Kepfer and Larry
  • Cindy Pollard Pratt
  • Linda Akins Hicks
  • Cheryl Kemp Nelson
  • Brenda Argo Joseph and Patrick
  • Sharon Mullen Pardue and Rich Berry
  • Sakeena Smith
  • Debbie Lindsey Owens and Edward
  • Mike Jones and Linda
  • Deborah Brown McCrary and Cotton McCay
  • Marty Higgins and Sharon
  • Toni Raia Folkers
  • Morris Helton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stan Cataldo
  • Charlie Beasley and Cathy
  • Kathy Terry Mims
  • Diane Smith Patterson and Rick
  • Steve Mason and Wendy
  • Tim Barton
  • Diana Gay Sartain
  • Pam Davis Bell
  • Maria Shuff Hamff
  • Karen Canoles Hamman
  • Dennis Davidson and Vicki
  • Stan Smith
  • Pam Moon Dodd and Robert
  • Coach Berry Halladay
  • Steve Bowen
  • Craig Hyde and Mary Ann
  • Mr. Tom Denton
  • Sam Pilato


See pictures from our fun night by clicking here.