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We are an Active Bunch!
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Many of our classmates have been active in bringing folks together for very good causes. Consider some of the following classmates and their work for family and the community at large:

Pete Hill is a Bell Runner. Why does he run? He runs for his granddaughter, Carly, who is afflicted with a unique disorder that causes seizures. What is a Bell Runner you ask? You can learn more by clicking here. You may be familiar with the recent bill that came before the state legislature which sets out to legalize the use of the cannibas oil (which is a derivative of the marijuana plant) to be used toward medicating patients like Carly who suffer with seizures. Another part of this bill will provide further research efforts at UAB to help all patients with seizures. You can learn more about this effort from this website.


Are you involved in charity work? Have you done something remarkable to really make a difference in your community? We'd like to hear about it.  Contact Doris Moody to provide more information.